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Habits are about Emotion, not Repetition! 🤯

This week's post is a little different. I do think it's my best one yet, if I may say so myself , as I think it's the one that's most packed with well researched and useful content, regardless of what your goals may be. It is all about behaviour design.

My interest in behaviour design shouldn't be surprising if you have read my previous emails, unless you have no idea what it means, to which I will tell you: we'll get there, my friend. I won't shut up about it, you'll see.

Now let's jump in shall we? Let me share a little workout with you...!

It's a good'n!

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Home workout: 'floworkout'

I said it. It's a floworkout. Why do a flow and/or a workout, let's merge them!

Just recording these videos made me get all hot in the face and a bit sweaty, so imagine when you start doing multiple repetitions of every move!

Once again, I have recorded these moves, just for you and this time, with no fucking wind blocking out my beautiful voice (and mostly deafening you). It felt romantic flowing on the beach ️, it didn't quite sound it though.

1. Side lunge to lateral travelling ape

2. Beast shoulder tap to side kick throughs

3. Wave unload to press-up

4. Underswitches (any variation) to floor dips from crab

5. Crab reach to toe touches 

10-15 reps each,

30-45s rest between

4 rounds!

In case I didn't repeat it enough in the video "HAVE FUN WITH IT!"

As always, let me know if you're enjoying them or need a little feedback/support with any of the moves! I love to see you guys flow, AND if you tag me in your workouts you spread some love and share me to others who may want to join in all the fun!



I saw the Fear Setting podcast last week was a hit (most clicked link on my email!) what were your thoughts on it?

This week I am going back to my roots: HABITS!

This an episode on the "Feel Better Live More" podcast, hosted by Dr Chatterjee on "The secret to making new habits stick" with the pioneering research psychologist, founder of the iconic Behavior Design Lab at Stanford and author of "Tiny Habits. The Small Changes That Change Everything":

 BJ Fogg. 

If you don't know him already I really recommend his TED talk, book, or just a good ol' google to find out more about this incredible, very inspiring man.

He believes that habit formation is all about emotion, NOT repetition. Which is why he reinforces a lot of them with fist pumps and "Yes!"s! He gives a few examples of how some habits that give us instant pleasure/success, we pick up in no time with no difficulty whatsoever, whereas others that don't give us strong rewards, take longer to form.

His book and beliefs evolve around breaking down habits into bite sized ("tiny habits") behaviours that will inevitably set you up for success. See why I love this so much?! That's all I bang on about!

He says there are 3 key variables driving human behaviour:

1. Motivation - you desire something

2. Ability - your capacity to do that thing

3. Prompts - the stimuli that trigger you to do it

This is the way habits are formed, which is exactly the same way they are broken, or as he says "untangled".

A habit is complex, it's like a tangled rope. You start with the easier knots and then move to the more complex ones. It's not just about "breaking" it. To stop smoking, for example, you start by not smoking one particular cigarette of the day that is less important to you. Being an ex smoker, I remember that I had a few core cigarettes of the day that I just couldn't get rid of (after lunch or dinner) but a lot of them were "extras". Those are where you would start "untangling".

Same goes with habit formation. The problem is, motivation is not always high, so you need to rely on the other two variables, i.e. ability and prompts. To form a behaviour, you need to make it easy and have relevant triggers where you want to form it, whereas to break a behaviour you need to make it difficult and remove any triggers in your environment that would lead to it.

This is why the subject line of this email is:

"Design or be designed"

If you don't design your own environment, it will inevitably design you.

But what is great about designing a behaviour in one part of your life, is the way its positive effects spread to other, apparently disconnected, parts of your life. I have literally built my career, improved my relationships and changed my entire outlook on life based on this. It also explains why I look at my client's daily habits when coaching in fitness and nutrition - everything is connected. The way you act in a specific part of your life, will affect the way you act in others.

I could go on endlessly...I'll stop now..


Healthy Habit Hack

(I lied, I continue going on about BJ Fogg here. )

One way I have of creating new habits, are "action prompts" i.e. behaviours you already perform, which also prompt you to initiate new behaviours. 

BJ Fogg, did this with strength training. He started small - found a reliable prompt that occurred multiple times a day and formed his new behaviour:

every time he peed, he flushed the toilet, and then would do 2 press-ups. That would sometimes add up to over 50 press-ups a day if he drank a lot of water and on some days he was even motivated enough to do more than 2.

This behaviour also spread to other parts of his life, where he took on other new small healthier behaviours which led to the overall result of him losing 20 pounds in 6 months.

In a way, the push-ups were only a gateway exercise to other new behaviours for him.


Weekly challenge

You know where I am going with this don't you...

Don't worry, I won't ask you to do press-ups every time you pee...unless you want to? (no need to send me videos of those though, thanks! )

Here it is:

Find one thing you do multiple times a day already (e.g. boil the kettle, wait for your food to cool down, take the dog for a walk) and add a new behaviour to it that you would like to adopt.

A new habit.

For example, I write my gratitude journal every morning while I wait for my porridge to cool down or I listen to a new podcast every time I take the dog out for a walk at lunch.

Remember, it's a behaviour you need to WANT to do, not one you SHOULD be doing.


Inspirational quote

“If you pick the right small behavior and sequence it right, then you won’t have to motivate yourself to have it grow. It will just happen naturally, like a good seed planted in a good spot.”

- BJ Fogg

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🙋🏼Lara out! Until next week!

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