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From Cornwall, with love! ❤️

Here are my Friday Five, from Cornwall with love... ️ I am writing to you from our little cottage in Newlyn, near Penzance. We have had a much needed little break away in an airbnb. I needed a little bit of a reset after all that's been happening, I am sure a lot of you feel the same and I hope you are getting time for yourself to reset, whether it's time in the day or an actual break away. Take care of yourself ️


Workout: Flows & drills

This week I have given you some great drills and stretches to perform ad libitum! You can use these as a warm up or simply perform the heck out of them and see how your strength, power, mobility, flexibility all improve in one go!

You can just perform them back to back, for a solid 30-40s each, in an interval training format, or do them by number of repetitions (I recommend anywhere between 8-10 per side or variation).

1. Beast reach to front step

2. Side to side front steps

3. Under switch variations:

a) - normal

b) - tap

c) - jumping underswitch (only from crab)

4. Side to side kick throughs

5. Lateral travelling ape (version 3) 

Have some fun with them, start connecting them, make a little flow for yourself! See how you go and let me know if you want any feedback! You can record yourself and share back with me or tag me on social media!



This week's podcast is on Fear, or better, fear setting.

In fact, it isn't REALLY a podcast.

It's a TED talk which Tim Ferriss played on his show (so it technically is ).

The talk is from 2017, so may be familiar to some of you already but it's worth a refresh if you've listened to it before and it's a must-listen-to if you haven't! It's only 13 minutes long and very practical. It's a bit like "goal setting" but for fear. There are principles of Stoicism behind it and a big focus on separating what you can control from what you can't, regardless of the circumstance.

 I highly recommend watching it, but also downloading the sample slides and actually trying out fear setting for yourself.


Healthy habit hack

Last week I wrote a lot about Neuro Associative Conditioning, I know it's probably not what a lot of fitness coaches go on about, but this is how I work with my clients. I look at their habits and behaviours and help them change or let go of ones that are negatively impacting them and encourage them to do more of those which are helping them, not only reach their fitness goals, but also improve their life as a whole.

It might be my background in Psychology or the analytical (pain in the ass) way I face situations, but for me the holistic approach (soz, buzz word I know) is the only way I have to make sure clients experience long term results.

I have said this before and I won't get bored of saying it: Anyone can lose weight, but maintaining weight loss is a whole other story. It's to do with behaviour change. And if we are looking at a specific behaviour, we need to see how other parts of a person's life feed into that behaviour.

You see, my healthy habit hacks are actually a way of bringing in new "positive" behaviours. Not all of them will stick, surely not with all of you anyway. But some of them will, and some of them will long term and provide benefit for you, and knowing that, is enough to keep these emails/blog posts coming!

This week's healthy habit hack is:

morning stretches to wake up your body.

I haven’t done these in a while, but felt so much more mobile when I was doing them. It’s part of the reason why I love Animal Flow so much. I just do what feels right and just flow and let my body do its thing. Try it, you can either google some stretches, or do some of the form specific animal flow stretches I have shared with you in the past just wake and flow. Focus on your pairing the movements to your breathings, as you do. It's a really pleasant and relaxing way to energise yourself for the day.


Weekly challenge

How did those push-ups go from last week’s challenge? I got a few questions on push up form, so thought I would share my push up form video again. Cues are: shoulders over hands, glutes clenched, core engaged!

To be honest, I had to vary them as I went through the week, to keep them interesting! Did some with bands for extra resistance, some decline, some incline and some diamond. I actually lost count in the end because I was enjoying the process but I see that as a win, not a loss!

As I said above, it's about trying new things, challenge yourself, see if there is something you enjoy doing and maybe it can be a new “healthy habit” you implement into your life! See, the 5 weekly sections seem all disconnected, but they are not. They all work together to bring benefit to your life, in some shape or form.

That's why I am so grateful when I get feedback from you and see how you implement some of them, it makes my day so please keep it coming! ️

So, for this week’s challenge is for you to:

flow every day.

it doesn’t matter whether you do some animal flow, or yoga stretches or just move your body the way it feels comfortable. Just keep it dynamic and do it daily! 

Time your breathing with your movements and left your body wake up with your mind. I can’t tell you how empowering just 5 minutes of morning moving/stretching is. Try it & see! If you want more guidance, email me back and I can share some moves, but otherwise, just let go and be free with it! No one’s watching so if you look ridiculous who cares!


Inspirational quote

"Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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🙋🏼Lara out! Until next week!

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