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Resistant bands & Eatlean protein cheese!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hope you all had a great week!

I thought that, as it's now 4 weeks of blogging/emailing, I would mix things up a bit! Are you ready for it?

I threw in a resistant band in today's workout. I know, right? WILD! 🙃

#1 Home full-body bodyweight workout (with resistance band) Yes I said it, A RESISTANT BAND. Let's mix things up a bit. If you don't own one, I recommend getting a lighter one to start. It's a really great way of adding a little extra resistance to your workouts (and increasing your muscles' time under tension), on top of just using your bodyweight. It'll be nice and quick (and sweaty due to the little rest!) A nice little warm-up is always good to do, but feel free to do your thing, whatever feels right. Keep it dynamic and build up the intensity as you go. 4 sets of: A1. Res. band squats x 10-12 reps A2. Res. band good mornings x 10-12 reps 90s rest at end of 4 sets (no rest in between) 4 sets of: B1. Res. band rows x 12-15 reps (squeeze shoulder blades together when you pull) 30s rest 3 sets of: C1. Res. band shoulder press x 6-8 per arm C2. Res. band bicep curls x 8-10 per arm C3. Res. band tricep extensions x 8-10 90s rest Cool-down stretches #2 Podcast I realised recently that I was listening to a lot of American and male hosted podcasts, so I decided to have a look around. Now, I have to be honest, I am yet to find a British podcast I love as much as the American ones I listen to (please prove me wrong - share one with me!) but I do think this is up there with them. It's the "Meaningful Work Meaningful Life" podcast, hosted by one of the most bubbly people I have ever listened to, Francine Beleyi (digital strategist and award winning author and speaker). This particular episode is called "Dream, dare and be resilient". Just the title got me, but when I heard about the woman she was interviewing I got even more excited - Nadia Mensah-Acogny. Just look at her biography! Here are just some of the highlights, she is on the Board of Trustees of Women in Africa and the Africa Centre in London, she's a columnist at Forbes Afrique and author of the Forbes Afrique annual report on the 100 Most Influential Women in Africa. She is fluent in a total of 9 languages and trains in French, English, Italian and Spanish. Just a few things then... Anyway, I won't ruin it. I just liked listening to her wisdom and it felt quite comforting to hear that for her, life started at 50! We have some time... #3 Healthy habit hack Now I have told you about the importance of protein.... Here is my hack (and fairly new discovery): Eatlean Protein cheese (smoked)

Didn't know it won awards or anything.. but hey! You might have seen its much drier, less cheesy, brother in supermarkets like Tesco. Well, if you've tried and hated it, trust me on this one - this is MUCH better. PLUS, it has 169 kcal per 100g as opposed to, say a Smoke Gouda which has on average 350-360kcal per 100g. In addition to having around 10-15% more protein. So, yes, once again, a hack for when you want to bank some calories, that also tastes pretty good! Let me know what you think #4 Weekly challenge Without sounding creepy, I have thought about you guys most mornings this week Well.. what I mean is, every morning I meditated and finished my little ritual, I wondered if you guys had tried it yourselves. If you have, let me know how it went. I really like receiving your feedback on the challenges (or any of the content to be honest)!  I have only recently started meditating, it took me a long time to get into it. It took a lot of discipline and patience, but now, if I miss one session, I feel a little off for the rest of the day! Anyway, that was last week. Let's talk about this week! I am going to do something different this week... bespoke to you! Challenge: Do that one thing you have been putting off for a while because you think you aren't good enough, or that it's too difficult, or it's just not you or whatever other excuse you have come up with. Do it for an amount of time that is so small that it seems ridiculous and easy, you just need to start somewhere and do it every day. Just. Show. Up. There is an abyss between something we perceive as super easy to do, that we can do with our eyes closed, and something that we perceive as way too hard and complicated. We often think that starting easy is..."too easy?" So we go all in, overdo it, last a few days tops and then give up (reinforcing our original thought). The best way to reduce that distance between where we are at with something and where we dream to be, is to start small. Easy is good! If you like it, you build on it. Next week do a little bit more. If it's not you, try something else. But give it time and be patient.  I have recently been doing this with chin-ups. I started doing one a day in crap form, and am now doing 4 a day in much better form. I could probably do more to be honest, but the point for me was not about the number of chin-ups I could do, but simply to be someone who can do chin-ups well and in good form. Oh, and if you do the task/activity, make sure to reward yourself straight after it (I always do them before breakfast ). This challenge, leads us nicely into this week's quote from a little book I have read and loved .. #5 Inspirational quote “If you take an issue like weight loss, there are many behaviors that lead to that outcome: stress reduction, eating better,…etc.  And I would propose that most of the behaviors that we need to do are habits. Of the 15 ways behavior can change, the one that matters most to long term health, are habits. And as we create, what I call these tiny habits, and we can’t do it all at once, little by little, we will then approach this health outcome in a very reliable way.  In a way that doesn’t regress. In a way that doesn’t make you say, ‘Oh, I give up and I’m just gonna go back to how I was.” - B.J. Fogg, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything If you liked this blog post, you can sign up to my email and get them right in the convenience of your inbox, by subscribing here!

🙋🏼Lara out! Until next week!

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