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Awakening the giant within you! 😲

Beach theme this week! I am writing to you from good ol’ Brighton beach and I recorded this week’s workout on the beach also. It’s windy. I edited out part of the wind, but you may still hear it (I am lying you WILL still hear it), apologies, there was something about today that just made me want to be outside! So... ya get the windy workout!


EMOM bodyweight workout

So here it is, a little EMOM (every minute on the minute) to get you buzzing. Start a timer, do the exercise and once you finish the repetitions, you rest for the remaining minute. When the next minute starts, you perform the next exercise and so on until you have done all 4 (in the 4 minutes). So if you do 4 rounds, in 16 minutes you’re done! Easy right?!

The faster you go the more rest you get, true, but make sure you perform each rep in good form, no half reps or skipping reps, I am watching you

Here we go:

10 x push-ups

20 x jump squats

30 x crunches

40 x mountain climbers

(4 rounds)



I shared a post on the menstrual cycle which was pretty well received, and a lot of my knowledge on it has come from Lyle McDonald, guest on this Sigma Nutrition episode“Fat Loss Adaptations, Water retention & Leptin”. He is an eccentric man but he knows his shit when it comes to women's physiology on topics like fitness and nutrition (N.B. this particular episode focuses on fat loss in men and women). I recommend giving it a listen. This along with many other episodes on this podcast, were what swayed me into pursuing a career in fitness coaching.️


Healthy habit hack

Last week was all about “zen” habit hacks and challenges - daily gratitude & 5 minute journals. I do this daily and have benefitted from it so much that I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. 

How did you guys do? Did you give it a go?

This week’s healthy habit hack is one I have used in many parts of my life and Tony Robbins’ “Awakening The Giant Within” book has just reminded me of it. He refers to it as Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC):

i) Associating a behaviour you perceive as negative with pain.

ii) Replacing the behaviour with a more positive yet equally pleasurable alternative.

I know, not the easiest habit “hack” as such, but also not as hard as it seems. It’s about finding a negative feeling you can link to a habit you want to break and creating a new habit in its place that causes as much pleasure as the habit you are breaking. Essentially swapping the old one in for the new.

Tony Robbins makes the example of singing a song you hate whenever you want to eat chocolate. So every time, regardless of who you're with and where you are, you have to sing that horrid song if you eat the chocolate. In order for this to work long term though, you need to, not only associate a negative feeling to that habit, but also replace it with one that provides an equal amount of pleasure or reward. You’ll also benefit from imagining the outcome of this habit swap e.g. imagining losing weight and fitting in tighter jeans you currently can’t fit in, due to eating less chocolate.

NOTE: I don’t like the idea of removing foods from your diet entirely (unless it’s for moral reasons, intolerances or allergies). When designing a nutrition plan for a client aiming to lose weight, for example, I make sure to include the so perceived “naughty” foods they love, as it helps with longer term behaviour change. I always aim to try and remove "bad food" stigmas, as no food is "bad" as such. Swapping them with healthier options here and there, but not removing them completely from their diet is my ultimate goal.

What a sad life one would have with no chocolate at all!

However, I do have personal examples of the above habit hack...

 When I first started running on the treadmill I remember thinking I couldn’t run much because I smoked and had little lung capacity. This used to really get to me.. I was able to do most sports and exercises, but was terrible at running! So I decided to quit smoking, cold turkey (after over 12 years of smoking!). As soon as I quit, I convinced myself that I could run for longer because I had quit smoking (Thinking back, this wasn’t true, if anything I had the smoker’s cough you get when you quit).

As I started running more, training my body to be able to run for longer each time, I also started losing weight. Soon enough, I was leaner, I could run more than before and I had stopped smoking.7years later... Haven’t smoked a cigarette since.

This section is getting long, so will stop blabbing now, but I have other similar stories and one thing I have found to always work for me is to not put pressure on myself. It took me years to tell people I had quit smoking.. I kept cigarettes in my drawer and I simply told people who asked that I “currently” wasn’t smoking. The pressure of saying “I quit” made me feel like I could let myself down at any moment by picking up a cigarette again. I changed my habit, changed my mindset and eventually the definition of my action just came from it. I am now a non-smoker (and a better runner )


Weekly challenge

As my healthy habit hack was a bit long, I will keep this short!

100 push-ups over 7days!

Come on, I’ll do them with you!

I don’t mind if you do them from your knees or from your table, as long as you do them! And the good thing is that if you do the workout above, you only have 60 to go!

Come on, do them and show me your form! You can send me a video, share it on Instagram/Facebook and tag me, or just do them in the privacy of your home, but join in and let me know how it goes!


Inspirational quote

“I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment, and life's

greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending

commitment to act until they achieve. This level of resolve can move mountains, but it must be constant and consistent. As simplistic as this may

sound, it is still the common denominator separating those who live their

dreams from those who live in regret.”

- Tony Robbins

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🙋🏼Lara out! Until next week!

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